Team MEDVED celebrates http://parissportifsensuisse.com/20bet 5 years anniversary in 2012! That’s how quick the time is… We didn’t expect that we’ve reached it already.

That’s how Alexander Orlov tells about creation of the team: “I was building the team specially for St. Petersbourg Trophy 2007. I wanted to play at the tournament, but I had no idea who to play with, so I decided that it’s the right time for me to create a new team. It was time of a very popular internet meme ‘Preved Medved’ (Hallo bear) and I realized that MEDVED is actually a great name for Russian team. I have shared my idea to Sveta Iakovleva and Konstantin Zadvornov, and they decided to join.”

Team MEDVED first uniform. May, 2007

Konstantin was the first skip of Medveds, later Sveta took his place in the house. Until nowadays she remains the only female-bear in the line-up http://www.parissportifsensuisse.com/20bet that ever played in Medved team .

The first competition of Team MEDVED was St. Petersbourg Trophy 2007 and the first cup was won in the very same 2007 at Albatros Curling Cup in Kaliningrad.

During these 5 years we have played at more than 50 competitions, it is about 10 bonspiels per season, that means that in average we travel somewhere for curling at least once a month. Once we played in Estonian Championship in 2009 and took the 2nd place.

Beside competitions we spend a lot of our time volunteering (Sasha, Anton and Pasha worked at the last European Championship in Moscow), coaching (Volodya was a coach of Estonian team at ECC2012 and trains youth teams in Estonia), umpiring (we started to participate in more and more official competitions organized by ECF and WCF) and Pasha arranges his https://www.parissportifsensuisse.com/20bet tournament in Kaliningrad during last several years – MedExpert Curling Cup.

Team MEDVED 2011 in Jelgava, Latvia.

It’s clear for us now, that our goal is not only to have fun playing curling, our goal is to make curling more popular, promotion of it and keeping of curling traditions.